Our Services

Our Services

In case, you look through the range of our services, you are definitely interested in an excellent result. These days, we are overwhelmed with the information about one or another theme. However, not each of us is able to express thoughts in a creative manner. Furthermore, your teacher or the core audience (those who will be reading your article or paper) should understand your creativity and appreciate it. You definitely can cope with any assignment by yourself, but you cannot be so self-assured. When it comes to polishing papers, articles or other types of content, our service can provide you with the professional assistance.

Study-Skills-Tips.com offers you several types of facilities. They are as follows:

  • Editing;
  • Proofreading;
  • Review.

Let us explain the details of each of them.


This type of services is for those who are greatly concerned over the quality of their papers, articles, resumes or some other forms of writing. When you apply for a job, the first thing the employer sees is your resume – it must be polished. The success of your career fully depends upon your research paper. In both situations (and lots of others) you do your work on your own, but you hesitate about its quality and search for a professional advice. In this case, our editing services are what you hunt for. Our skilled professionals will polish your article or paper, make stylistic or grammar adjustments and correct all possible errors (if there are any).


Our professional team of Ph.D. and Master’s degree specialists can proofread a plethora of academic documents comprising even research papers or grant proposals. Our staff consists of native speakers only and their background makes them perfectly suited for improving the language in your papers. Besides, if you are not a native speaker, but you are made to write a paper in English, our proofreading services are your magic wand. So, our specialists will improve the readability and flow of your paper. Furthermore, all grammatical errors will be eliminated. However, keep in mind, we provide only proofreading services, we do not write a paper for you.


Except for the above-listed services, you can also order the service of review from study-skills-tips.com. We can either make reviews or provide you with constructive feedback. We offer you objective and comprehensive review reports on any theme. In case, you are looking for someone to make a book or movie review, our team can find a solution to this problem. Besides, we can make a review of the services of any organization. To receive it, you just need to apply on our official website.

Besides, it stands to mention that we are the experienced company and our team always meets deadlines. If you apply, we do our best to make your work on time and in the best possible way. Study-Skills-Tops.com is your “must have” tool in case you search for professional specialists to edit or proofread your paper, essay, course work or other forms of academic writing. We can be your reliable partner, able to help you achieve success in your business or education.

Our Services

  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Review


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